New wave of articles has been sparked after by Jobs’ Thoughts on Flash – Ars published an IMHO bit lame comentary by a guy from Free Software Foundation; there is an interesting prophecy about the world 5 years from now by Charlie Stross… well and here are a few words from none other than my humble self:

Competition is good. HTML5 might be the uber great way of the future – but competition can only make it better. For example on Android phones, HTML5, Flash and native SDK pimp themselves to developers – and I trust the devs will pick the hottest one for their project. They will be forever comparing and throwing simple but rock solid complaints at the SDK makers – “Why SDK ‘A’ can do ‘X’ so well but you can’t?”.

I can promise that I’ll be very quick to give up on mobile Flash if it failed to prove itself against other solutions; but as well I’ll be quick to defend Flash if deserved. Interesting times lie ahead.