Codewars disaster

I’ve just failed my poor teammate at Webdu Codewars. So sorryyyy!
Anyway, rather than write a million excuses, here is what it was supposed to look it like after that 20 minutes of coding.

(The original task was to code, in 20 minutes, an “App that would make Steve Jobs relax” or something along those lines).

Please note that the link above is rated QR. It contains some violence and silly jokes and is not really recommended for any audiences.

Thanks, WordPress!

Yey, this site is live… and I have to say, kudos to WordPress for making everything so simple. This is the first time I used WordPress and I definitely found it easier than Drupal. Not that Drupal is bad – we might see in the long run which CMS comes out on top in terms of flexibility, ease of upgrade etc. Good to have the choice though :)