Bye CrossTimer, hello HERO.WORK

CrossTimer App

It is with sad heart, that I decided to sell CrossTimer – a sophisticated fitness workout timing App that I spent many and more months working on. Unfortunately, with my current commitments, I do not have any time to dedicate to it and it’s been sitting in the corner for 22 months and is crying to be rescued. Check out the auction listing. – ends March 16th.

HERO.WORK productivity app for tradies

I’m now focusing all my efforts on HERO.WORK – collection of online tools that aim to make the life of tradies (tradespeople) and their customers easier. Tradies use our App to find more work, create quotes, invoices and manage jobs. They can get a lot more billable work done, while still retaining full control of their business. HERO.WORK Booking site is where anybody can find a trusted & verified tradie, get an estimate and book a job.

developer.apple.com runs on… PHP?

I thought Apple was luvin’ it’s own bread, I mean, WebObjects… but seems like that’s not the case:


Not quite as shocking as seeing .asp there would be, but still I cannot help but wonder what’s happening behind those closed doors?

Apache Archiva 401 error

So, your Maven settings.xml is perfect (you’ve checked like six times that the user/pass/serverId is right) but you are still getting a 401 error trying to do mvn deploy:deploy-file?
Well, once upon a time, there was this particular Archiva repository that required that I change a password for my user – it wouldn’t let me upload without changing it.
Why so strict, Archiva?

Setting up Chrome with Flash Player debugger

Adobe has this covered in two KB’s, but they might be bit hard to find:
1. Installation
2. How to sort out this popup: “The following plug-in is unresponsive: Shockwave Flash”

No. 2 is a deja-vu of a similar issue in Firefox, the solution there is different though.

Codewars disaster

I’ve just failed my poor teammate at Webdu Codewars. So sorryyyy!
Anyway, rather than write a million excuses, here is what it was supposed to look it like after that 20 minutes of coding.

(The original task was to code, in 20 minutes, an “App that would make Steve Jobs relax” or something along those lines).

Please note that the link above is rated QR. It contains some violence and silly jokes and is not really recommended for any audiences.

Thanks, WordPress!

Yey, this site is live… and I have to say, kudos to WordPress for making everything so simple. This is the first time I used WordPress and I definitely found it easier than Drupal. Not that Drupal is bad – we might see in the long run which CMS comes out on top in terms of flexibility, ease of upgrade etc. Good to have the choice though :)