Yey, I’m happy to report that Offline Gmail (Offline Google Labs plugin) seems too run happily in Chrome Portable from PortableApps, version

I prefer using Firefox (Portable), but for some reason it doesn’t work with Offline Gmail (it seems to work but when I’a offline, it refuses to let me in). Might be an old version of the portable mod, who knows, I didn’t really try to figure that out and started using Chrome for my email.

So, I’ve been using Offline Gmail in standard Chrome, but I was getting bit paranoid about the lack of security – offline apps can be used without any password knowledge and so if my computer got stolen, they would see all but my newest emails. As well, any saved passwords in Chrome are completely unprotected – you cannot setup a master password as in Firefox.

As you may know, Chrome by default installs itself in a very obscure location (User’s Local Settings),  I tried to move it and it worked, but not with Gears. Maybe getting  Chrome in Google Pack, then it professedly installs for all users, would be a solution – but then, I did’t want Chrome on C drive, I wanted it in my TrueCrypt encrypted container which I mount when needed and which I can backup/move easily.

So I decided to give Chrome Portable a go – I’ve just copied my complete profile in it and all is good. The only bugger is that Updating Chrome in Chrome Portable is not yet supported, but that ain’t a show stopper for me.

Thanks to the guys @ Portable Apps (And @ Google!) for all the good work.